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ShickshinnyForward featured on the Orton Family Foundation Blog

ShickshinnyForward had an article featured on the Orton Family Foundation blog…  The Orton Family Foundation, founded in 1995 by Lyman Orton and Noel Fritzinger, is an operating foundation that helps communities in the Northeast and Rocky Mountain West discover, describe, apply and sustain their “heart and soul.”

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Springtime brings signs of rebirth and growth

Copyright Julie Rockwell KleeIn any river town, Spring brings a mix of trepidation and hope.  The former finds its origin in the flooding that tends to come with the Spring rains and the melting snow.  The latter…is what Shickshinny experiences today in its ongoing recovery and renewal.  As the people of Greater Shickshinny and the surrounding areas work to bolster this hope of a new path, skills and talents have been revealed and uncovered as though by the flood waters themselves.  There is nothing that can thwart the growth of such a motivated and impressive citizenry.

Shickshinny Forward will guide and follow, as needed, in the effort to raise this vibrant community to where it once was in the past…and will be in the nearest future.  A community full of the same hope and life and vibrance that comes in with every spring.

Our belief is that this hope and life and vibrance can be part of each day, every day…Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.

This community is like a bulb planted after the frost.  It will bloom lovely in the summer but grows more beautiful with each passing spring.  Your efforts will shine on for the many generations to come.

Like so much that is good in spring, love your community and love to watch it GROW!

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