Susquehanna Greenway Partnership’s 2014 Progress Report

Susquehanna Greenways, an important partner of ShickshinnyForward, has released their 2014 Progress Report, which highlights the ways they work to make it possible to walk, bike, or paddle from river town to river town.

Inside, you’ll learn about:

  • New trails
  • New public river access
  • And many local projects along the Susquehanna Greenway!

We hope the progress illustrated here is informative and inspires you to get involved, volunteer, or donate to become a member.
Every day is an adventure along the Susquehanna River, and we look forward to accomplishing great things together in the future.

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Engaging Small Businesses in Disaster Preparedness


Business Continuity is planning for future crises and equipping businesses with the defenses needed to survive threats, emergencies and disasters. It centers on establishing recovery strategies for critical business functions and making contingency plans to continue operations under different types of disasters.

Why Engage Small Businesses in Business Continuity?

Small businesses play a critical role in the local economy as they provide needed services and products to both residents and major employers. Following a major disaster, their absence is keenly felt when gas stations and groceries stay closed, local supply chains are disrupted, and residents can’t get access to needed services for their quality of life. Small businesses fail to prepare for a major disaster for three reasons: 1) they lack the financial resources and 2) they lack the knowledge for how to prepare and 3) they tend to underestimate the impact an incident will have on their business. Impacts such as:

+ One in four small businesses do not reopen following a large-scale disaster.

+ At least 60 percent of small businesses fail to make preparations before an emergency.

+ Of those businesses without a plan, 43 percent won’t re-open and 75 percent will fail within three years of a major event.

+ Companies that aren’t able to resume operations within ten days of event are not likely to survive.


Read more in the attached guide.

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National Weather Service – Severe Thunderstorm Risk Categories

As the spring storm season winds up, the National Weather Service has modified the way it categorizes the anticipated risk of severe storms.  Under the new definitions, “enhanced risk” means “numerous severe storms” are possible, which could be more widespread and persistent.  Details / descriptions in the image.

National Weather Service - Severe Thunderstorm Risk Categories

National Weather Service – Severe Thunderstorm Risk Categories

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In the March 10 “Disaster Preparedness” webinar, Church World Service Emergency Response Specialist Sandra Kennedy-Owes offered practical ways for congregations to prepare themselves for disaster – and to prepare to help their communities recover, too!

The recording of this hour-long webinar is now on the web at

To request the PowerPoint, contact Sandra Kennedy-Owes at

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Shickshinny Borough business loans available at very low interest rates (~1.0%)

Own a business in the borough of Shickshinny and want to improve / expand?  Or maybe looking to start a new business in the borough?  Are you aware there are low interest loans available to you via a grant obtained by the Luzerne Foundation / ShickshinnyForward and managed / administered by the NEPA Alliance?

Loans available from $5,000-$15,000.  The interest rate will not be greater than 1%. This rate is fixed throughout the loan term (2-5 years dependant on use)

Businesses must have 50 or less employees with annual revenue less than $1,000,000. Loan priority will be given to qualified business that have experienced flood related damage. Loan proceeds must be used for purchase of machinery and equipment (new or used) as well as associated delivery and installation costs, working capital, construction, renovation, and acquisition of real property.

Entrepreneurs and start-up businesses are required to submit a fully completed business plan with the loan application.  The Small Business Development Center at the Wilkes University provides assistance in the development of a busine plans at no cost to the entrepreneur/small business. Existing businesses must provide certain financial information including but not limited to Financial Statements, Income Tax Returns, Personal Financial Statement for the prior 3 years.

Borrowers are required to establish/retain one new job for every $10,000 in loan assistance. Self-employment is included with this requirement.

All businesses must be geographically located in the Borough of Shickshinny.  There is a non-refundable $100 Application Fee.

For more information contact: Dave Nat or Paul Macknosky at 570.655.5581 or 866.758.1929

1151 Oak Street • Pittston, PA 18640-3726 • Phone: 570.655.5581 • 866.758.1929 •

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